43 Minutes

Some days I’m stuck behind my computer….actually that would be: often, I’m stuck behind my computer. Even when I shoot film, the film eventually is scanned and I have to work on the images on the computer. I’m basically doing what I used to do in the darkroom. Only now it’s rare that I ruin my shirts. I’m not much for wild photoshop techniques, but I do spend a lot of time dodging, burning and working on the tones in the print. After a portrait session, I’ll spend hours editing and working on the images until….until I can’t stand it any longer! And I have to get out. These images were taken at the end of a long day indoors. I went out for walk. Out the driveway turn right, half a block turn right, snap a couple frames, a few more blocks, turn right…followed by a couple more rights. And 43 minutes later I’m back in my driveway.

3 thoughts on “43 Minutes

  1. So THAT is what you're doing when I phone & you don't answer.
    The first is my favorite. But the crosswalk is a close second…

  2. I love the palm frond. I bet it would look lovely on canvas!

    As always, your work inspires!

  3. I know that stir crazy being-inside-all-day-stuck-on-the-computer feeling …. these photos are very calming….perhaps the start to a “post-computer rehab photo book”?

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