Lady Dynamite

The internets are filled with photographers doing “What’s in My Bag” videos and blog posts. I think some photographers like to see what equipment “successful” photographers use because, of course,  it’s the gear that will make you a wildly successful photographer. Vision, point-of-view, craft and experience …. way overrated. (Well, a little natural-born talent doesn’t… Read More

Brian Wilson

  I photographed musician Brian Wilson at his home in Los Angeles. The story that the photos were to accompany was a retrospective, a look back at the career of the man who wrote, arranged and produced “Pet Sounds” — considered by many to be one of the greatest albums of all time. Once the… Read More

Kani Xiong, Tattoo Artist

While traveling with dutch journalist, Maarten Kolsloot, on a story about a couple dutch brothers working their way through the minor leagues we ended up in Appleton, Wisconsin. As is evident young players like getting tattoos. This brought us to Colt’s Timeless Tattoos in Appleton where we met Kani Xiong, a tattoo artist with, of… Read More