Clean Windshield

Mid-city area of Los Angeles, California.

I had the opportunity to listen to Jim Brandenburg speak when I was in college. Brandenburg is a photographer for the National Geographic and has produced some amazing work in his career. This may seem strange but the one thing I remember him saying was he convinced the powers that be to let him fly first-class because the windows were cleaner and clearer, the better to shoot the aerials that the Geographic is so fond of. As a 20-something college student I assumed that I would always fly first-class where ever I went, at the same time I did realize that I probably would never work for the Geographic….for one thing I don’t really like shooting landscapes or wildlife. All this to say that it’s worth keeping the windshield clean.

One thought on “Clean Windshield

  1. now when you say landscapes…you’re meaning, what? cuz looking at some of your work…your landscapes are gorgeous… OK, so your urban landscapes are gorgeous… you see beauty where others see abandoned and neglected spaces.

    speaking of urban landscapes…you’ve been holding out on me… BOOKS??? YOU’VE PRODUCED BOOKS??? and you haven’t felt like sharing this bit of information…?

    where’s the love?

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