Here’s one for All-hallow-even. I like spiders. I like the good work they do. I like that they’re so industrious. I like that they spin their beautiful webs and wait for the pay-off, also known as working smarter, not harder. But truth be told they do creep me out. On occasion in the late evening or night I’ve been out walking and had that unique feeling that sticking your head into a web brings and I’m sure there’s few funnier sights than seeing a grown man, flailing with camera in hand at…what appears to be nothing. Obviously it’s not the web that freaks me out it’s the thought that Mr/Ms. Industrious was somewhere in the middle of that web. Of course, I’m sure they’re not too happy to see me eye-to-eye either.
You can find hundreds of these fuzzy industrious arachnids under the bridges throughout the Glendale Narrows. They are an inch to two inches in length and the color of the water that runs through the river.

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