These photographs were taken in an area of Los Angeles that is often referred to as south central, in a little restaurant bar called The Town House. Another historic event happened not too far from here, one of the worst race riots in the history of the United States. But on this particular night, the scene was not unlike a baptist revival. I’m pretty sure there were people in this room that never believed that they would live to see the day that an African American would be elected president. Margaret Bush-Ware (the woman wearing the bracelets with her hands in front of her face), as an 11-year old girl, woke one morning to see a cross burning in the front yard of her home in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This night the tears were of unbridled joy. Of all the places I could have been on this night, I think this was nearly perfect.

One thought on “History

  1. oh my god, you are awesome, these photos are awesome. they need to be published somewhere where everyone can share them. they absolutely perfectly show the emotion, the reason i was running around and screaming in my house and then collapsing in tears and now it’s all come rushing back again.
    thank you so much for immortalizing this.

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