My Dad

For the last few years my dad and my family have been battling the awful disease, dementia. It’s hard to even pinpoint when it may have started. So often it’s easy to just brush things off as being forgetful, clumsy or simply old age. But one day he fell off a ladder. Then as he was teaching a line dancing class he simply could not remember the steps. He progressively grew worse. Dementia is much like Alzheimer’s. My dad, so far, remembers me every time I walk in though he often forgets what he’s had for breakfast just a few minutes after eating. And slowly he is losing his motor skills.

I am not sure what I hope to accomplish by publishing these photographs and in many ways I feel uncomfortable about it. It’s hard enough for me to look at these pictures of my dad who I love so much. And sometimes it takes me months before I can review my photographs.

But this is part of my and my family’s life….

These pictures were taken a few years ago when my dad could still get around on his own with the aid of a walker.

2 thoughts on “My Dad

  1. The photo of your dad in the middle… with the blurry one to the right… is particularly haunting and telling. I miss this kinda storytelling Jean-Luc…your storytelling…

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