Dementia can be caused by a series of small strokes (TIAs) which is what appears to have happened to my father. Because of these strokes my father is slowly losing the use of his left hand and the ability to walk and you can tell that it’s also affecting one side of his face.

When we bring my father home from the VA facility my mother likes to give him a haircut so he stays looking sharp. Oh and I don’t think he’s giving me the “loser” sign…I think he’s just “taking a picture” of me as I shoot a picture of him…well, maybe he is giving me the “loser” sign. And you can’t tell in these black and white photographs but my dad has crystal-clear blue eyes. I think that’s what nabbed my mom.

One thought on “Strokes

  1. John, I love your blog, thank you for doing this. Everyday I go on and see what new pictures and stories you post about dad. It does make me sad that I did not make his 77th birthday.

    Love you, you sis

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