The Brewery

David and Gretchen (that’s David in the photo below but that’s not Gretchen) invited us to a party at their loft at the brewery. It just happened to be on the same weekend as the Spring Art Walk. Twice a year the artists at the brewery throw their doors open and let the common folk in for a peek. This is really cool. First you get to see some pretty fantastic art, second the people watching is great and last but not least you get to snoop around in some artists’ living quarters. Most of the kitchens were pretty cool. And maybe it was because there were a lot of guests but a lot of fridges seemed to be filled with beer. The two bathrooms I got to look in were pretty funky too. Can’t wait till the next one. For you out-of-towners, the brewery was…a brewery where Pabst Blue Ribbon was brewed and is now the country’s largest artist colony. By the way Gretchen was feature in a beautiful photo in the LA Times.

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