When my dad was first diagnosed with dementia he could still walk but he had fallen a couple of times. Then he needed a cane then a walker then I had to be next to him when he used his walker then a wheelchair. His legs just wouldn’t go where he needed to put them. Once in the wheelchair I still tried to get him to lift his legs to get him to exercise a bit but eventually his muscles weakened. Because he could no longer exercise he started to gain some weight. I always pictured my dad as a slim and fit man but now the dementia has changed that too. One day I wheeled my dad out into the fresh air and the warm sun. His head fell back. I asked him to hold his head straight but he wouldn’t or couldn’t. So I lifted his head so he could look straight ahead. But slowly it tilted back. Later I asked the nurses and doctor about it, but by then he was back to normal. They said that was pretty typical.

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