Yellow Umbrella

A cold and wet night in Columbia Heights called for some hot comfort food. What could be more comfortable than a family run place called Los Hermanos? I found out later that the Hermanos are twin brothers Raymond and Aris. And the restaurant is run by the entire familia Compres. When I walked in everyone, servers and customers already seated and eating, seemed to turn to greet me with a nod and smile. I immediately felt like a welcomed regular. They serve homemade dominican platos from a grande hot bar. Their signature and most popular dish is La Bandera, which is named after the Dominican Republic’s flag. El plato (the plate) is served with heaping helping of rice, beans and a choice of stewed succulent meats. I chose the pollo and I opted for a side of plantains. Delicioso amigos!

I snapped the photo as I put on my jacket to head out the door to the metro.

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